So the folks here at Taste Winchester History have an idea for a regular recurring specialty tour that has come from feedback from people on many of our prior tours.  We listen!  So we’re hoping that many of you reading here or following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter will keep the idea train rolling along the tracks.

As many folks are aware, we have a lot of great quality museums in and around Old Town Winchester.  Stonewall Jackson Headquarters Museum, George Washington Office Museum, Patsy Cline House, among others, and some nice galleries, too!

That said, the feedback on tours has proven to be quite interesting.  The overwhelming majority of people on tour, when asked if they have had the opportunity to visit any of these places, the answer appears to be a resounding NO.  However, it’s not because they are not interested in them.  It just never seems to make it into the plans.  The singular theme seems to be…

Well, we always talk about it, but we just never do.  We are really interested, but it never seems to make it on the list of things to do!

Well, we would like to change that, which brings us to our query:  Is this a good idea, an idea good enough that doing it in conjunction with and as part of one (or more) future specialty tours that you will finally get to hit these very interesting museums, while enjoying great food, beverages, and history?  Tell us what you think at our Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter…

We have put arrangements in place.  Now all we need to do is get an idea from our fans and followers, and even those sitting on the sidelines waiting for the perfect time to book a Specialty Food Tour if this is an idea you would like to see in the rotation… visiting one (perhaps two) museum sites (not just a walk-by, the tour will incorporate actually visiting and going through the museums/galleries, and three to four food stops along with our usual sprinkling of historical stops, too.

GO ENGAGE WITH US!  We would love to know your thoughts on adding Museum Specialty Tours as part of the unique experiences we’re always trying to offer locals and travelers, visitors alike.  The links to our social media accounts are below!  Give us some feedback on this idea!

(Anthony would like to set-up the first one as early as April!  NEXT MONTH!!!)

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