So when your schedule tightens up, you do Tasting Tuesday on a Wednesday, and then launch the blog post on Thursday!  Taste Winchester History started making the rounds for Winchester on the Rocks 2020!  And much like prior events, participating restaurants have not disappointed!  Charlie Fish, who you may know from Murphy Beverage Fame, conceived of this event that we, among many others based on our visits this week, look forward to each year!  From the WOTR website:

Visit participating restaurants to enjoy their special Winchester on the Rocks signature cocktail, fill out your ballot and vote for your favorite! Restaurants will feature traditional cocktails as well as experimental libations! Awards will be presented for both People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice cocktails. Winners announced by February 1st. Enjoy Winchester….On the Rocks!

We will be heading out today and tomorrow to get the rest, but if you aren’t already aware, the following restaurants are participating: 147 North, Brewbakers Restaurant, Crush Wine Bar, George’s Food and Spirits, Half Note Lounge, Macado’s, Oak Stone Pizza, Piccadilly Public House, Roma Old Town, Sexi Mexi Burrito Bar, The Butcher Station, The Hideaway Cafe, and Village Square Restaurant.  Voting can be done either by paper ballot (available at all participating locations), or only at the WOTR website linked above!  If you missed us live yesterday, our short segment done at Hideaway Cafe is below, and later in the post we share our photos…

Anthony kicking off day 1 samples…

On our first excursion, we make five stops and sampled some truly amazing concoctions by some true craftsmen and craftswomen.  Anthony and Misty roamed around our great city and visited:

  • Oak Stone Pizza, serving “Smoke & Oak” – server, Shawn.
  • Hideaway Cafe, serving “Paris is Burning” – server, Greg.
  • 147 North, serving “Irish Peanut Butter Cup” – server, Allison.
  • Sexi Mexi Burrito Bar, serving “Hibiskey Sour” – server, Theresa.
  • Piccadilly’s Public House, serving “The Mayflower” – server, Katrina.

Though our photos likely do not do the artistic allure of these cocktails appropriate justice, we don’t use words like “craft” (people) lightly.  It’s as much fun to watch these creators build these amazing drinks as it is to consume them!  Well, almost, but you know what we’re trying to say.

Look, everyone one of these masters created fantastic drinks, so know in advance that your votes will come with much difficulty.  Our opening two places, Oak Stone Pizza and Hideaway Cafe had a smokey flair to them… 147 North appeals to the sweet tooth in all of us… Sexi Mexi’s always bold mix of flavors and scents and visuals culminated in what Anthony best described as a “Sweet-Tart” that was incredibly refreshing… Piccadilly’s Public House, unique and subtle, also very refreshing on the palate (the last two definitely reminding Anthony & Misty of warmer weather ahead).

We will be out and about later today to hit the next group and will post here again tomorrow who we visited, some general thoughts (so as not to tip our hands as to voting or otherwise unduly influence the masses).  We will be thrilled to see you out and about during Winchester on the Rocks as we had some very fun conversations with patrons at each location!

Photos from Day 1’s visits below… click here for: Winchester on the Rocks 2020, Part 2/3.

Oak Stone Pizza – Smoke & Oak

Hideaway Cafe – Paris is Burning

147 North – Irish Peanut Butter Cup

Sexi Mexi Burrito Bar – Hibiskey Sour

Piccadilly’s Public House – The Mayflower



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