Anthony, back for the next series of tastings...

Click here: for Winchester on the Rocks Day 1 — Taste Winchester History’s efforts to visit and taste all participating restaurant’s offering for the 2020 Competition!  We did a short live segment from Hideaway Cafe’ while visiting 5 competitor’s locations which you can see on the day 1 write-up..

Tomorrow is the final day of Winchester on the Rocks for 2020!  So get out there, get sampled, and vote! 

The following restaurants are participating:147 North, Brewbakers Restaurant, Crush Wine Bar, George’s Food and Spirits, Half Note Lounge, Macado’s, Oak Stone Pizza, Piccadilly Public House, Roma Old Town, Sexi Mexi Burrito Bar, The Butcher Station, The Hideaway Cafe, and Village Square Restaurant.  Voting can be done either by paper ballot (available at all participating locations), or only at the Winchester on the Rocks website!

On our second outing we made four stops and sampled more of the magic and wizardry of local mixologists.  Anthony and Misty roamed around our great city and visited:

  • Brewbaker’s Restaurant, serving “Strawberry Kiss Coconut Bliss” – server, James.
  • Macado’s, serving “Blackberry Blood Orange Bourbon Smash” – server, Ivy.
  • Roma Old Town, serving “Donkey Punch” – server, Tiann.
  • Village Square, serving “Not Your Father’s Old Fashioned” – server, unknown (sorry, folks, they were really busy at the time).

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the competition is tough!  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed each of the competitors’ best, either because they’re very good or we’re very easy to please… we had some more great conversations with the folks at each establishment.  Again, we can’t say enough about how much fun we have getting out and about with the great people downtown.

We started off at Brewbaker’s, offering up what should be a fan favorite for the sweet-tooth contingent, perfect blend of real strawberries, liqueur, and topped with a surfboard of delectable white chocolate and strawberry glaze, with subtle coconut undertones… strolled up to Macado’s for a very tasty drink that can be enjoyed anytime, with Anthony loving the slight bourbon aftertaste that lingers behind… over to Roma’s to sample the Donkey Punch, a surprising burst of flavor bolstered by what I detected as an almost fizzy finish, but not enough to tickle your nose…. and finally wrapping up our walk at Village Square for a can’t-go-wrong classical presentation, a modern take if you will, with “Not Your Father’s Old Fashioned,” which Anthony thoroughly enjoyed!

So get out there and try all this stuff.  Today is OUR last day to get out and about and finish them all… Tomorrow is your last day!

Brewbaker’s – Strawberry Bliss Coconut Kiss

Machado’s – Blackberry Blood Orange Bourbon Smash

Roma Old Town – The Donkey Punch

Village Square – Not Your Father’s Old Fashioned

Misty at The Village Square

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