Well, folks, we sincerely hope everyone is managing as well as can be expected given the circumstances.  For the time being we have closed up the calendar for booking dates given the current global health situation.  We miss everyone terribly and are optimistic and hopeful we’ll be back out there mingling with everyone and having our usual incredibly fun times!  We do this in advance of any shuttering (either voluntary or ordered)  of our partner restaurants and museums.  If things haven’t cleared up as our May date approaches, we will reschedule our next “Virginia Lovers” Specialty Tour, and we’ll hold off on announcing dates for our Museums Specialty Tours.

Until then… gift cards are available!  They do not expire.  Feel free to use coupon code WG1 for additional savings!

And as soon as we’re in the clear, you can pick a date and we’ll be back on tour in no time!!!

In the meantime, we’ll continue to get our blog features, share stuff on Facebook and Instagram and stuff, so don’t hesitate to stay in touch!  Call, email, message us… and let’s all continue to support each other and our communities as we work to overcome this mess as our awesome country seems to do!  See you around town, likely from a distance… and can’t wait to be roaming around Old Town with locals and visitors sooner rather than later!  Be well!

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Also we would love for you to book a Historic Food Tour, a History & Hops Beer and Cider Tour, and/or Specialty Tour as soon as we can — in the meantime, gift cards, folks!  Book a Tour with Taste Winchester History!