One the fringe benefits of taking a food tour with Taste Winchester History, aside from the company of your fantastic guides who are thrilled to cruise around Old Town Winchester with you, are the surprises we often get to see, hear, and most importantly – TASTE!

During our most recent tour, at Sexi Mexi Burrito Bar, we were able to sample an off-menu item, an absolutely wonderful bacon & cheese stuffed  quesadilla crammed with all manner of other caramelized flavorful goodies, topped with a delicious aioli sauce; and a black bean side salad that was another explosion of flavor.

Also, we got to sample a forthcoming feature for Chocolate Escape from the Fellowship of the Sip Organic Tea House and Restaurant.  We were delighted to try their Chocolate Ginger Spiced Cake with Chocolate Sauce and Whipped Cream.  Heavenly.

You see, our tour partners are in virtually complete control (next to anyone with a potential food allergy, of course, and we can tailor menus to meet your needs, do let us know in advance).  So if the timing is just right and the stars all align, you may just get to try a new dish that’s being tested for the menu, or get a preview of a specialty item that’s being rolled out for a special event.  There are a number of great reasons why our tours do not just have to be a one-time experience!  The dishes change, new beers are crafted, special events are coming down the line, or it’s time to change the menu, new partners are on the rotated onto the docket… what you experience on one weekend is almost always going to be mostly, even completely different on another weekend.  So give it try!  We think you’ll go away more than satisfied with your experience!

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Check us out:  Taste Winchester History Food Tours now booking!

We hope to see you very soon!