“Tis the Season to be Freezin'” — fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la, la.

Folks, it’s true, the weather has changed, and while there was a brief moment that we thought it might be best to shutter things over the winter, we recognized that not everyone is afraid of the cold!  We’re an all weather tour outfit, and sometimes people need something fun and interesting to do even when the temperatures take a dip… or a tumble as it were.

If you want to experience some great food and drink from Winchester’s outstanding dining establishments, we want to be your tour guides, your hosts.  We are perfectly willing to freeze right along with you because no matter the weather, we all need appropriate sustenance and to imbibe something to keep our cockles warmed.  A hot meal, a hot beverage on a cold winter’s day may be viewed by many as even more satisfying than during any other time of the year.  And of course, that may be complete B.S., but know this, if you want to do the food tour, we want to take you there.

And when you consider that the primary goal is to have you experience new and exciting restaurants and kitchens and cafes, we can certainly speed up our walk from stop to stop, expedite our storytelling, and get inside to try the next great sampling of food and preferably a hot drink (coffee, espresso, tea, chai, chider, cider and so much more that all of our great businesses have to offer).

And we want to be right there freezin’ with you!  Tis true!

While many outdoor events, markets, and other activities shut down during the colder months, those of us at Taste Winchester History decided that is simply not necessary; we know that there are those people out there just like us who can find things to do, things to enjoy, and plenty to see even when the weather turns colder or wetter or snowier than perhaps a majority of people might find as enjoyable.

This holiday season the calendar has set-up quite nicely for those who are (almost) as adventurous when the weather dips below freezing as when it’s up above 70!  And we want you to know that the calendar for booking tours with Taste Winchester History is remaining open for everyone, both locals and travelers, who may be looking for something delightful to do, even if it means spending a little time outdoors during the winter months.  We are perfectly willing to freeze right along with you as we (briskly) walk around Old Town Winchester, taking in the sights and sounds of the holiday season, enjoying a bit of history along with great food and fantastic beverages.  Let us tell you, a hot coffee or espresso or tea or specialty drink from any one of our restaurant stops is so much more appreciated when the temperature outside necessitates a pit stop to warm up on the inside!  And the quality of the food that will fuel our double-time fast-walk from one stop to the next is second-to-none!

And don’t forget, we not just available on Saturdays and Sundays!  Check out our:  Taste Winchester History Private Tour Options!

For the month of December, the dates of the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th dovetail nicely with events all around Winchester!  And of course brewery tours are also available on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th.  After taking one of our tours you may be interested in rolling on over to Clearbrook Park for the Walking in a Winter Wonderland Christmas Display which typically opens around 5:30 p.m.  Or if you would like to do something beforehand, a quick Holiday Tour over a Belle Grove Plantation might be a lovely pre-cursor to a Taste Winchester History Tour.

If you have people coming in from out of town for Christmas the weekend before and you would like a break from all of the holiday cooking, book a tour on December 21st as an early Christmas Gift to friends and relatives or simply float it as an idea for your group to do and learn a little bit about Winchester History and what our great eateries have to offer.  Maybe you will have visitors coming to celebrate the changeover to the New Year, so that would make the December 28th date a prime opportunity to take in a little Winchester History and some fine food and beverages.

Whatever your pleasure, Misty and Anthony want you to know that “Tis the Season to be Freezin'” and if you book a tour with us during the winter months, we will be thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to be your guides.  Dress for the weather!  We do!

Thank you for your patronage both from all of us and on behalf of our fabulous tour stops!  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year to you all!  Remember – Our Historic Food & Brewery Tours make great gifts for the holidays, too!

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