As the nicer weather approaches, and even though Punxsutawney Phil lied to everyone, we’re hoping it will be sooner rather than later.  So we thought it would be advantageous for both you and us to highlight Taste Winchester History’s ability to do PRIVATE TOURS!  Yes, folks, that’s correct.  All we need from you and your tour group is enough advanced notice to check our tour partners’ availability and schedule so that we can plan for your arrival and our stroll through Old Town Winchester as we go from restaurant-to-restaurant, brewery-to-pub, stopping in-between at each planned historical location for a brief chat en route to your next tasting!  While we have our regular, recurring tours every weekend, we are available virtually every other day of the week if provided with enough advanced notice to plan with our tour partners for your group’s arrival!

Yes, our regular, recurring tours are available every Saturday and Sunday.  However, in conjunction with our array of tour partners, we will work very hard to accommodate any private tour on any of the 7 days of the week.  The same holds true for both our Historic Food Tour and our History and Hops Beer & Cider Tour.  Word is spreading and we already have our regular tours booking out to May!  We also have a large private History and Hops Beer & Cider Tour on the schedule in March of 2019!  All we need from you is advanced notice.

How much advanced notice?  More is always better!  And while we haven’t yet determined a minimum advance notice, we’re banking on two weeks being enough notice to get everything all arranged and everyone on the tour side of the plan to get their calendars marked, staff in place, and menus planned and prepared for.  But don’t let two weeks discourage you from trying anyway!  We did one on just two days’ notice!  We will always try to accommodate you, even if last-minute.  All you have to do is call us, email us, and/or chat at us via:  The Taste Winchester History Contact Page.  We will do the best we can to see what we can arrange for your group.

When is a private food tour or private beer tour a good idea?

Truth be told, there are endless opportunities for people to arrange a private tour.  Here’s an easy list to kick it off, maybe offer you a “light bulb moment” that has you realize you have an opportunity coming up where you can lean on Taste Winchester History and our tour partners to make your group plan just about as easy as can be.

  1. Family Visiting.  If you have a contingent of your family coming into town for and are looking for something to do, it doesn’t get any better than enjoying fine food and great beer while introducing them to Old Town Winchester.  Great sights, sounds, smells and more to ignite the senses and have a great afternoon or evening.
  2. You’re Visiting.  Our tours currently are running a consistent 50/50 locals/travelers.  If a group of you are coming to town or even simply passing through as a stopover on your way to another destination, don’t waste time debating about what to do and where to eat or have a drink.  The decision is already made, you get to try food and beverages that are a variety, well prepared, and we have no doubt that everyone will find something satisfying on tour.
  3. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party.  What a great way to lead into a fun evening out with the guys or the gals (or both)!  Kick off your party with a wide array of food and/or drinks (in moderation, of course), let’s chat about the upcoming wedding or what’s ahead for the evening, and have a great time together.
  4. Gals/Guys Night Out.  We won’t repeat ourselves, but pretty much everything in #3 above!  Maybe you’ve decided to tour after a large golf outing at one of our excellent nearby golf courses; maybe you’re returning from a countryside horseback ride at one of the amazing surrounding ranches.  Whatever your plans are, either before or after, a TWH Food or TWH Beer Tour is the perfect 1st stop or 2nd stop to complement your day’s activities.
  5. Business Groups.  You have a group of customers or vendors coming in, or maybe you’re celebrating a business milestone or other success and you’re looking for a unique way to reward the employees, this is a fantastic way to celebrate your win and build morale and camaraderie among the team!

It really doesn’t matter the occasion or whatever else motivates you.  You will experience Winchester in a fun new way and get to try eats and drinks from places you haven’t yet considered visiting before.  And whether you’re local or traveling, we are confident that you’ll find a new place that you’ll come back to again, whether you book another tour with us or just found a new favorite place to patronize during one our many tours!  Even if you have your own theme idea you would like us to see if we can make work, let us know!  We’re open to new ideas to try, even if it’s just for your special group.

Go on, give us a try:  BOOK NOW!

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