Tropical IslandSo we’re back at it after a brief October break, so it’s time to play some catch-up and make some fresh announcements.  For Tasting Tuesday, we’re throwing back to our last segment where the Winchester Food Tour was pleased to announce a new Taste Winchester History Food Tour Partner – Tropical Island Coffee & Cafe!

So we thought we would mosey on over to this fine establishment and sit down and chat with Angel Christian, doing our usual talk about Tropical Island Cafe, Jamaica, travel, Jamaican cuisine, and more!  Our short video about this little gem follows below.  We certainly recommend you drop by to see and smell and taste for yourself right at the corner of Braddock and Piccadilly Streets right in Old Town Winchester!  When the weather is nice and the doors and windows are open, the wonderful aroma of authentic Jamaican food wordlessly invites you to wander in and see what Lloyd, Angel, and the fabulous staff have to offer!  And now they’re one of the tour partners, so tour guests will start seeing Tropical Island Cafe in the rotation!  Yum!

Tropical Island Coffee & Cafe
39 West Picadilly Street
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 905-8022
Facebook: @tropicalislandcoffee

Additionally!!!  We are also pleased to announce that Java Kava is also joining the rotation, after trying many of their sweet treats and fine beverage offerings.  If you missed our Tasting Tuesday segment with Java Kava, you can see it here:  The Winchester Food Tour at Java Kava.

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