Another Tasting Tuesday with the Winchester Food Tour at Taste Winchester History… tour guides Anthony & Misty stopped into the newly opened shop, the JAVA KAVA BAR down on the Old Town Walking Mall in the heart of Winchester, Virginia, the first Kava Bar of its kind in Virginia! We had a lovely chat with another of Winchester’s young entrepreneurs, Makalla Phelps to talk Kava, Kratom, and everything else they have to offer!

They have house specialties featuring Kava and Kratom and all manner of different special creations that go along with making a very fine beverage.

They have exotic teas, which we know a few people who favor and have lamented the limited local availability in the recent past, now that problem is solved in the form of:  Red and Green Maeng Da, Green Teas, Black Teas just to name a few.

The traditional Kava comes in a nice variety of vessels, including coconut half-shells, giant mason jars, and a tonoa bowl.

Most important in our mind, the atmosphere.  So many of our great partners along and around downtown Winchester just seem to hit the proverbial home run when it comes to comfortable, welcoming surroundings.  Comfy couches and chair, more than plenty of games (including video), large screen TV, books, plenty of great local arts and crafts.  The bar itself is like a work of art that you have to come on down and see.

As Anthony can attest, he was in love from the very first taste of Kava, offering both an almost immediate and noticeable boost in mental alertness while at the same time feeling rather relaxed, which is why for Tasting Tuesday, if you watch the short video below, not only will the lovely Makalla tell all about The Java Kava Bar, Anthony will be just a bit too eager to share that he invested in the “giant mason jar” of Kava!  You know, because he needs to be more goofy than he already is on Tasting Tuesdays.  Needless to say, he recommends the Kava highly.

So make the time to watch our short video with Makalla Phelps and come visit her, say hi, get to know her and learn about Kava, Kratom, and thank them for being another amazing shop along our historic mall!  Further information, website links and more just below the video!  CHECK THEM OUT!

Java Kava Bar
16 South Loudoun Street
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 313-7199
Facebook:  @javakavabar
Instagram:  @javakavabar

Also, keeps your eyes peeled as we ramp up the promotion of our planned Self-Guided “Taste of Winchester Food & Drink Festival” in and around Winchester on September 28th, 2019!   Java Kava Bar and many, many more will be participating!

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