On June 25th, the Winchester Food Tour Guides took a tour of their own for Tasting Tuesday.  Misty and Anthony visited 415 North Braddock Street, the location of the Fuller-Moore Historic Home, better known around Winchester, Virginia as The Stonewall Jackson Headquarters Museum.  This home we’ve also recently featured in our spotlight of historic homes and buildings, about which you can read more here:  The Fuller-Moore House, Historic Home in Winchester, Virginia.

Essentially, the short version of the story regarding how Colonel Lewis Tilghman Moore’s home became Stonewall Jackson’s Civil War Headquarters was simply that, due to his popularity among the townspeople, Jackson’s brief stay at the Taylor Hotel was one of interruption and an inability to conduct the business of war planning.  When Colonel Moore learned of Jackson’s need for a more peaceful setting to conduct his work, he offered his private home to Stonewall Jackson and his family, as he was recovering from war wounds elsewhere.  It was reportedly the only home outside the north end of “downtown” at the time and served Stonewall Jackson rather well.

Simply put, the tour is really outstanding and well worth the $5 fee (discounts for seniors and students).  And between April and October are open daily — you can find the details at their website link below.  Without giving away too much of the detail of the tour, what you can expect to see includes:

  • Fantastic, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable guides who will make your approximately one-hour tour a great pleasure.
  • Furniture that is either authentic and original to the home (of which there is much), or supplemented by period-correct and authentic furniture that was otherwise obtained locally.  Colonel Moore was very generous in leaving much of it in the home as it changed hands in the years following the Civil War.
  • The craftsmanship of much of this furniture is awe-inspiring.  No molds and such here, all real wood, handcrafted, by magicians in woodworking in our opinion.
  • The decor and wallpaper and artifacts throughout are amazing if you’re into that sort of thing.  (We are!)
  • And watch the short video below to hear more about those features and of course “The Coffin Door” of which we have pictures at the close of this post!  And for even more photos, just read our feature post (linked above) about this Winchester Historic Home, the Fuller-Moore House.

Website:  Stonewall Jackson’s Headquarters Museum
415 North Braddock Street
Winchester, VA 22601

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