It’s time!  Experience Old Town Winchester with a new eye on this tour! Tour patrons will get the opportunity to explore the significance of buildings you’ve walked by before; hear about the men and women that made Winchester come to life; and sample beer and cider from the newest breweries and perhaps some of the good ole beer and cider peddlers along the way.

We’ll make sure you have fun with interesting historical facts about beer and cider in the earliest days of the colonization of North America, pointing out the best architecture, and sharing with you the stories behind the brewers and the beer/cider along with the owners and staff during our stroll through and around Old Town Winchester. All of the food and beer/cider is included in the tour price!

Winchester’s ever-growing and eclectic collection of restaurants has been bolstered by the recent addition of locally-owned breweries popping up in town.  This tour will take you on a taste sensation through visits to and/or samples from each… and stories about how they got started and what you can expect as they grow.  The Taste Winchester History Beer & Cider Tour Roster consists of:

You will have the opportunity to visit 4 to 5 stops along the way, including a food stop from one our Taste Winchester History Food Tour partners!

So as we opened the post:  IT’S TIME!  It’s time for you to book a Beer & Cider Tour of Old Town Winchester with Taste Winchester History Food Tours!  BOOK NOW!