The Winchester Food Tour hosts, Anthony & Misty, hit the road and did an impromptu “Tasting Tuesday Travel Edition” after some quick, over-the-road research at on the best travel eateries along their route to Knoxville, Tennessee.  Ready to refresh and refuel in Christianburg, VA, the choice was easy on the heels of our visit to Bro Bears Coffee — and the choice was Dude’s Drive-In.

On this mini-vacation to Knoxville, Tennessee we got to talking about “the olden days” and road trips with the family. So it made perfect sense to find a burger joint on-the-fly that would harken back to those long-passed times from our childhood. Dude’s Drive-In fit the bill perfectly.  Fresh ground beef, all of the classic fixins, fresh buns, all-around deliciousness! Pull up, respectfully “toot” your horn, and someone will be right out to take your order (sans rollerskates, but it’s still a throwback)!

So let us tell you, Dudes and Dudettes, our video is short as we didn’t realize that we were trying to melt it on the dashboard of the car, and once the temperature of the phone reached approximate 1000-degrees, the video shut down, but do take the time and maybe get a giggle of seeing Anthony trying to hork an entire “Double Dude Burger” on camera.  Yes, it’s two minutes of your life you may never get back, but it could also be two minutes that puts a smile on your face!

You’ll find Dude’s Drive-In at 1505 Roanoke Street, Christiansburg, VA 24073!