This week for the Winchester Food Tour we took our first ever trip to Bro Bears Coffee in Winchester, Virginia!  We had heard great things about Bro Bears and their coffee and other goodies, so we thought it was time to find out what all the excitement was about.  Let us tell you that we were not disappointed!  Fantastic service, great selection, and Keto-friendly snacks?  Sign us up!  And the staff were very welcoming of Anthony’s excessive use of the term “Bro.”  Turns out — they expect it and, quite frankly, it totally lightens the mood and was making everybody smile, both in our car and in the coffee shop.

Bro Bears has a great location, too, for you commuters heading east in the mornings.  Stop by for your coffee on your way to work or after a brutal day at the office.  It’s entirely worth the detour.