PrimeLendingFor Tasting Tuesday this week we shine the spotlight on another featured sponsor, the Winchester Branch of PrimeLending!  Our host, Barbara Ritter, sat down with Misty to do a live segment today about all that Prime Lending has to offer the great community of Winchester!.

When you’re ready to buy, refinance or renovate a home, PrimeLending is your local, proven lender.  Trust PrimeLending to help you achieve your home ownership hopes, dream, and goals.  They have more options to fit your financial needs, more experience to help you make confident decisions, and a streamlined process to fit your timeline.  PrimeLending and their incredible staff will guide you every step of the way to your perfect home loan!

If you missed the discussion with Misty and Barbara live, the video is here below for you to find out more! (More information follows the video.)  PrimeLending is proudly very involved in activities in and around the community, and our Food Festival is just one of many that they help support and sponsor to keep great events happening all over Winchester!  And don’t miss their Top 10 List for the Food Festival!

15 East Piccadilly Street
Winchester, VA 22601
Facebook:  @PrimeLendingWinchester

If you want to get a glimpse of just how easy their processes are, visit their website and click on “Our Process” — everything is laid out and clearly explained each step of the way, and if you have any questions, a quick call to their fast and friendly staff should give you all you need to know to get start today!

Don’t forget to order your ticket package for these exclusive tastings!  AND… yes, we have a limited number of sponsorships available, please contact us at if you’re interested in being a sponsor for more details.  We will also be doing same-day ticket sales sales for you consummate procrastinators!  2019 Food Festival Partners List

Below is a transcript of the interview with Misty and Barbara…

Misty: Hey, guys!

Barbara: Hi!

Misty: Come join us! I’m not sure if you can see or you can kind of guess where we are. We are literally sitting in a bank vault.

Barbara: In a bank vault, safe and secure.

Misty: No one is going to steal us out of here. So we are at PrimeLending with my favorite lender, Ms. Barbara Ritter.

Barbara: Thank you, Misty.

Misty: Thanks for joining us. So PrimeLending, Barbara, is one of our sponsors for the Food Fest, which is awesome. You guys sponsor a lot in the community.

Barbara: It is our pleasure. We like to do a lot. Especially downtown.

Misty: Yes, Old Town — I always get Friday Night Live and First Friday mixed up. Friday Night Live, we’re always out there dancing and having fun, and so now they’re sponsoring the Food Festival and we’re super-super-excited!

So let’s talk about what you do at PrimeLending. Actually, it’s funny because I’ve had people ordering their tickets and they are going to come to the PrimeLending to pick them up. And they all go, oh, I know where that is. I used them to buy my house.

Barbara: Very good!

Misty: Good job! Awesome!

Barbara: So yes, we do mortgages. So if you need to buy, if you want to buy, we certainly can help you. We do refinances. Certainly rates are low, so come talk to us.

Misty: Very low right now, yeah.

Barbara: We’ve had a ton of those right now. We can help you with construction loans, land loans, just about anything real estate associated, so absolutely.

Misty: And if you’re one of my clients, you know you get Barbara’s name immediately because she’s fabulous. The whole team is fabulous.

Barbara: Thank you.

Misty: You guys get stuff done. You also help people plan, if they have any credit issues and stuff. I work with a lot of first-time buyers, and we put together a plan to get you into your home and not have to rent anymore, which is awesome.

Barbara: It doesn’t have to be a yes right away, but if not, we have a plan of action that we can get you there.

Misty: And you have a first-time home buyer seminar coming up?

Barbara: Coming up on Saturday [September 21st, 2019], so look for that. It is on Facebook. It’s on Event Brite, and we’re just basically going to go over the differences of “why rent when you can own”. If you guys are renting, you know that the prices are way up there. You can get a lot more house for a lot less.

Misty: And you don’t have to worry about pets and no–

Barbara: No pets, you can paint the house whatever color you want. You can put a fence up. You can do whatever you want. It’s your house.

Misty: It’s yours! Yay!

Barbara: And you’re building equity instead of your landlord.

Misty: You’re paying a mortgage, guys. You just want it to be your mortgage.

Barbara: Invest in yourself.

Misty: Exactly. So PrimeLending, you guys are going to get all of their contact info as well, but we’ve decided to come up with a Top 10 List on why you should get to the Food Festival!

So #1 is my favorite one. You guys probably have this issue. When you have kids, so you guys when you decide to go out to eat and no one agrees on what type of food you want.

Barbara: Right, someone wants pizza, someone wants Chinese, someone wants tacos.

Misty: So come to the Food Festival, you all can literally get every single kind of food. Super simple.

Barbara: Super-simple, almost like a buffet of restaurants.

Misty: Exactly, that’s perfect.

Barbara: The buffet of restaurants.

#2 – If you have not been to Old Town in several years, boy, one, you’re missing out. And two, this will give you a great opportunity to come down, look at it, see the restaurants that are down here, and get to experience and taste those.

Misty: Literally, if you haven’t been here in like the last five years, you have no idea how many amazing restaurants there are.

Barbara: There are a lot.

Misty: It’s crazy. Okay, #3, and I do this, and I post it on Facebook, if you keep a list of restaurants that you want to try, you never actually quite get to them, this is your chance. They are probably on the tour and you get down here and you can get five, ten, 15, you can hit all of them with tickets. So knock them off your list.

Barbara: Knock them off your list. I still have one on my list from when you recommended me, I still have not made it there.

Misty: See? This is what happens. And there’s always new places, it’s crazy.
Barbara: There is.

Misty: And we have a couple of the new places on the list, so get your tickets!

Barbara: It’s a great way to try them.

#4, okay, for those of us that have been together for a while, life happens, your last date night was in 2012. Not a great thing, but we can help you with that. We can help you with that. Get your tickets, come down, many different restaurants to try and it’s just a great experience all around.

Misty: And you guys get to sit at the restaurants for the tasting, so it’s not like you’re going tent to tent. You can actually enjoy time with each other, so this is the perfect date.

#5, this is big and I’ve had a couple people buying tickets for their parents, so if you have not thanked mom and dad or grandparents or whoever has been raising you and doing stuff for you your whole life, even if you’re a 30-year-old adult, they’re still doing stuff for you. Get tickets for them, come down, enjoy the day. It’s going to be awesome.

Barbara: #6, you want to get out of raking leaves. I mean, who wants to do that, right? The weather is nice. It’s going to be beautiful, but the leaves can wait.

Misty: Yes, and they are coming down fast and furous right now. Just walking down here through all the leaves.

Barbara: And even if you rake them, there’s going to be more. So enjoy your day.

Misty: Take the day off.

Barbara: Just take the day off and enjoy some food.

Misty: So #7, I know this is big for a lot you picky eaters. So maybe you’re thinking about expanding your food experience, but you don’t want to really pay for a whole meal at a German restaurant because you’re not sure you like German food or Thai — Java Kava is on the list.
Have you had Java Kava yet?

Barbara: That’s on my list!

Misty: Yes, get your tickets because it’s awesome, and you’ll don’t have to spend $40 for one meal. You get a try a bunch of places, so that is a really, really good reason.

Barbara: It is a very good reason.

Misty: #8, and we were just talking about this. So we have the trolley, and it’s going to take you to some of the outlying restaurants, so it’s not just Old Town. If you haven’t ridden the trolley, you guys will get to do it for free.

Barbara: That’s amazing.

Misty: Hop on, ride through the town on the trolley. They’ll drop you off at Sweet Nolas, Bonnie Blue, and Creekside, we have great restaurants down there including Crush Wine Bar, one of our favorites.

Barbara: Yeah, one of our favorites.  Yes, it is.

Misty:  We’re there all the time.

Yeah, you get to ride the trolley, it’s going to be awesome!

Okay, #9.

Barbara: FOMO. Fear of missing out. I mean, you really don’t want to be that person that comes into work on Monday and all your friends are posting on Facebook and telling what a great time they had, what great food they had, they rode the trolley, for goodness sakes, and you’re like, ummm…

Misty: Yeah, it’s not going to come around until next year again, so get your tickets now.

Barbara: You don’t want to wait a year.

Misty: No, don’t. Don’t miss out.

And #10, I know we did this one because this is my husband and I. What do you want for dinner? Every day — I don’t know. I don’t care. That is your saying.

Barbara: Dinner is monotonous.

Misty: Right? It is. So this is the chance, you don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to cook it. You don’t have to clean up everything. And there’s a million, well, not quite a million, but there’s a lot of options.

Barbara: A lot of options.

Misty: Yeah, and most of our restaurants have more than one option even at their own restaurants, so it’s not just the 20+ restaurants. They’ll have–

Barbara: 20 restaurants?

Misty: I think we’re at 21 now, yeah.
Barbara: Wow.
Misty: And some of them have three and even five options. Brewbakers has a list of five different tastings.

Barbara: Holy cow. You don’t want to miss out.

Misty: There’s a million options, and yesterday, I think yesterday I posted, I put together a few comfort foods, you can do a whole tour of comfort foods. I mean, we have mac-and-cheese bombs, chicken and waffles. Brett at Union Jack is doing chili, which actually is really good. There’s mac-and-cheese with bacon and all this stuff in it at 0-to-60 Energy Cafe. There’s a lot!
And tomorrow I’m putting out the International Tour if you want to do a whole international tour we have–

Barbara: Many options.

Misty: I know. German, Thai, all these amazing places. So there you go, guys, the Top 10 Reasons to Come, and you’ll also get to see the Prime Lending Office, which is gorgeous.

Barbara: We are in a state of dishevelment right now. We are being remodeled.
Misty: You won’t even notice it.

Barbara: We are here being remodeled, so we are on the bank side, where Virginia National Bank used to be.

Misty: Right at the corner of Loudoun and Piccadilly at the very start at the mall. It will be easy to find, we’re going to have signage out here, and you get to come in and see and maybe speak with these lovely ladies about buying a house or selling your house and buying another house.

Barbara: I happen to know a real estate agent.

Misty: Imagine that!
Well, thank you so much for joining me.

Barbara: My pleasure, absolutely.

Misty: And for doing this, it’s so awesome, we got to do it in the vault. The vault is totally cool, guys, you have to come pick up your tickets just to see the vault door.

Barbara: We’ll give you a tour.

Misty: It’s gorgous.

Barbara: Thank you.

Misty: Okay, guys. We will see you next Saturday, the 28th, for the Food Festival and get your tickets at

Barbara: Very good, thanks!

Misty: Bye, guys!