Winchester Historic Homes – The Sherrard House:  Another magnificent stone home right down on the Old Town Walking Mall, keeping up our string of Walking Mall Historic Homes that many of us walk by each day, unknown to us their history and role in the creation of the Town of Winchester in 1744.  Today we feature The Sherrard House which now spans 117-121 South Loudoun Street. (Continues below…)

This was originally Lot 11 to the 1752 plan of the Town of Winchester, and the name attached to the home comes from its acquisition by Robert Sherrard, Sr. in November of 1786.  It is presumed that the home and associated store room were built after Sherrard acquired it.  Robert Sherrard, Sr. was a local merchant who used this building for both a home and business, using the south end as a store while living in the north end.

The property remained the Sherrard family for over 60 years until February 1851 when it was passed along from Sherrard’s Estate to one Harrison Bowers and then several transactions beyond that to the present.

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