Historic Buildings of Winchester – The Orrick House.

In 1744, Lord Fairfax conveyed 1300 acres of land to Colonel James Wood that would ultimately become what we know as Downtown Winchester, and it started as three streets and 26 half-acre parcels of land.

Obviously, Winchester grew in size and during one of those James Wood Additions in 1758 included what was then known as Lot Number 8 to the Town of Winchester. The original lot had an approximate frontage of 105 feet to the west side of Braddock Street and then approximately 188 feet westward.

The building that stands on this land is known as The Orrick House at 15 South Braddock Street. The property passed through several owners prior to its acquisition in March of 1891 when William M. Atkinson conveyed the property to Robert Orrick, and it remained in the Orrick family until 1966.