It’s Tasting Tuesday time again here at Taste Winchester History and for this visit Anthony & Misty head to Middletown, Virginia to partake of the fine barbecue offered by Shaffer’s Barbecue & Market.  Matt Shaffer explains how this outfit was born in 1952, having been started by his grandfather in Woodstock and became practically an institution in the community.  Not simply “just a restaurant,” Shaffer’s Barbecue is also a catering operation (out of Woodstock) and you may from time to time see their popular food truck cruising around treating the world to outstanding barbecue delights.  And the Middletown location also is a marketplace of all manner of meats, cheeses, sauces, beverages, gifts, swag and so very much more!  There is even an online store to get your goodies.

Shaffer’s Barbecue and Market is located at 8140 Valley Pike in Middletown, Virginia.  Located near the Belle Grove Plantation, it’s location is wonderful and as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the taste buds and your appetite.  With a fantastic menu that features piles of outstanding, flavorful food offerings with prices that are easy on the wallet, you will definitely get more than your money’s worth.  Beer and wine are available along with the usual list of customary beverages, including what seemed like an endless supply of craft brews that included two of our local favorites — Escutcheon Brewing and Winchester Ciderworks staple 522!  And do not overlook their sweet treats, with a splendid menu of desserts that will leave you in a state of indecision for a short while.

We lucked into a Tuesday special, half-off their humongous burgers, just by sheer coincidence… and we simply couldn’t resist!  Misty got the straight-up bacon cheeseburger, I went with all of the toppings to include lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese, jalapenos, fried onions… By the way, they have specials every single day, which Matt details during the interview.  Eat-in, take-out, catering, online ordering, food truck, Shaffer’s Barbecue puts the “full” in full service.  They’ve effectively provided just about every conceivable way to get you and their food connected and we’re here to urge you to take advantage from Winchester to Woodstock!  It was abundantly clear to us that Matt Shaffer has a passion for what he does, a passion passed down through generations, and it comes through all that Shaffer’s Barbecue has to offer.  It’s easy to see, too, as Matt moves about the tables, even during this busy lunchtime, greeting and being greeted by local patrons who just seemed to find this a home cookin’ away from home cookin’.  And with outstanding pricing, why bother cooking at home at all?

Started in 1952 by John D. Shaffer, grandfather of Matt, supporting the growing agricultural community in and around Woodstock, Virginia, where Shaffer’s Barbecue originated. Soon thereafter, the traveling food trailer, dubbed “The Chicken Palace” began to roll around the area to feed those who just had to have barbecue chicken!  To learn more, watch our short video interview with Matt Shaffer and then make the time to go down and visit them!  We’re very glad we did!  Great food, great people, great atmosphere.  More photos can be found below the video!  ENJOY!

Shaffer’s Barbecue & Market
8140 Valley Pike
Middletown,VA 22645
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