I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  And with the winter in our rear-view mirrors and the treat that has been some very fine spring weather, it only made sense for the Winchester Food Tour to schedule an ice cream tasting for Tasting Tuesday!

Our journey to visit three of the many recommended locations came from Justin Kerns of the Winchester-Frederick County Convention & Visitors Bureau.  On their list of ten comes the three we visited for Tasting Tuesday because, well, despite our best intentions, we just didn’t believe that we would be able to put away ten different location’s samples in one circuit!  So we settled on the following three:

  1. Pack’s Cones-N-More 522 located at 2021 North Frederick Pike in Winchester.
  2. New Town Creamery located at 320 Fairfax Pike in Stephen’s City.
  3. 0-to-60 Energy Cafe located at 2430 Valley Avenue in Winchester.

The above links all go to their respective Facebook pages.

At Packs Cones-N-More 522, a regular destination for our household, we tapped into one of their specialty offerings, the Camper’s Delight!  And a delight it was, vanilla soft-serve ice cream smothered in hot fudge, marshmallow cream topping, and a healthy dusting of graham cracker crumbles to top it all off, it’s a s’mores lover’s dreamsicle!

At New Town Creamery, a first-time visit for us due to the rumor that they had a special dessert that was right in Misty’s wheelhouse (watch the short video to hear about that one).  Alas, her wish was not coming true this day, but another special treat we love is funnel cake!  So we ordered up a Strawberry Funnel Cake Sundae!  Simply magnificent.  Vanilla soft-serve ice cream topped with a generous contribution of sweet, sweet strawberry topping, all of that built on a foundation of funnel cake!  Figure on about 5-million calories on that one!

And our final stop was the 0-to-60 Energy Cafe, the Valley Avenue edition, where we exercised some restraint in ordering a child-sized special ice cream gelato, a surprise hit and our favorite of the three this day!  It was a simple, layered construction comprised of chocolate soft-serve ice cream in layers between coconut cream Italian ice.  And as simple as it sounds, it was quite the surprise as that flavor combination tasted familiar and just like one of our favorite candy bars — Mounds.  (Or Almond Joy if you plucked off the almond.)  Only much, much colder and at least as delicious!

So we also talked about the proper way to taste ice cream, as Anthony learned from some food-related television show where ice cream manufacturers professional and highly-paid taste-testers explained the process.  And generally, we just had our usual fun time sharing our experiences at some of our locally-owned and operated businesses in and around Winchester.

Have a watch for yourself and get out there and enjoy the great weather!  And one of those activities should be to book a Historic Food Tour or a History & Hops Beer and Cider Tour now that the weather has turned very much nicer: Book a Tour with Taste Winchester History!

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