We were quite happy when Red Fox Creamery hopped on board the Taste Winchester Tour Train and offered to partner up with us during our first Taste Winchester History Specialty Dessert Tour which turned out to be incredibly fun and hugely successful for our tour guests.  Well, we knew a Tasting Tuesday segment would be in order, you know, because ice cream and sweet treats and all that.  So we welcomed the opportunity to sit down with Kathy Puffinburger, owner of the family business, known and loved on the Old Town Walking mall as Red Fox Creamery!

We discussed the history of Red Fox Creamery back in 1996 when it was known as the Middleburg Creamery.  Kathy ultimately moved the business to the heart Old town Winchester’s Walking Mall and where it transformed into the Red Fox Creamery in 2010.

As is the case with many our tour partners, pride and craftsmanship are the order of the day as Red Fox makes everything from scratch.  The flavors, the presentation, everything is definitely representative of the level of love and care they have for their patrons.  Kathy handles all of the day-to-day operations, making all of the ice cream, soups, homemade sandwiches and baked goods.  The wonderful aromas of the work greets you the moment you walk in!

Need something custom for your event, party, business, organization or restaurant.  All you have to do is call and ask.  Hey, they also do retail if you’re not inclined to sit and taste, selling hand-packed pints and quarts of ice cream, special-order pies & cakes… they have a light-fare lunch menu and again… everything is homemade!

And we are also pleased to announce that Red Fox Creamery will be in the regular rotation of Taste Winchester History’s Historic Food Tour!  We’ll be working out the details of a special custom dessert that will only be available to our tour guests and we are so looking forward to that, especially as the weather turns warmer!  So do check out their website, linked above, and all of their details, Facebook page, address and phone number can be found on the other side of the video!  We’re sure you’ll be seeing us in and around the Red Fox Creamery on our tours!  Enjoy!

146 North Loudoun Street
Winchester,VA 22601
Facebook: Red Fox Creamery
Phone: 540-565-8630

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