It’s Tasting Tuesday again, folks!  Misty & Anthony have the privilege of sitting down with Owner/Chef Nathalie Miller of The German Table to discuss German cuisine, German beer, and all of the great food, desserts, beverages you can expect to find at this brand new niche restaurant right down in Old Town Winchester on the Walking Mall!

    Inside at The German Table

When we kicked off Taste Winchester History in September of 2018, it was exciting enough for and with our tour partners starting our walking Historical Food Tours and the History & Hops Beer Tours.  It wasn’t long before we spotted the marquee out front of this restaurant, “THE GERMAN TABLE” — and we couldn’t wait for them to open so that we could badger Nathalie into being a partner, too!  And we didn’t have to wait long as she opened in conjunction with the Oktoberfest Celebration in Old Town and became an instant hit!  Now, we’re pleased to have The German Table as both a Historic Food Tour partner and a History & Hops Beer & Cider Tour partner as well!  Double-duty as it were.

We learned about authentic German food stands in the “old country,” and they are known as an Imbiss.  Some of the early feedback did not quite grasp this German-style food stand/restaurant concept whereby almost anywhere you turn in Berlin, you will see them; and they’re offering brats and wurst and all that you would come to expect on a visit to Germany.  Some are strictly carryout and some offer space for a quick sit-down. Imbiss is a general German term for small food stand or street food shop, usually tiny and locally run and they are often a family operation, as is the case here.  The emphasis is on no-frills food that is easy to eat on the go with the focus on the food and not the frivolities.  Nathalie has managed to capture the feel of the Imbiss both in her indoor sit-down area and the forthcoming patio seating expected to be seen as the weather starts to turn warmer.

German food?  You betcha!  Several types of wurst, pork schnitzel, a beef frickadelle; side dishes to include cucumber and potato salads, red cabbage, and a delightful house-made sauerkraut, spaetzle and french fries, Bavarian pretzels. These can be enhanced with brown sauce, pepper sauce or cream sauce. The children aren’t overlooked, either, and there is a menu especially for them.

German beer?  OF COURSE!   Bitburger Premium Pils, Paulaner Hefe-Weizen, Dopplebock Dunkel… the real deal, folks.  And all of them outstanding.  And yes, the ever present “more to come,” and we can’t wait!  Come on, watch the video and listen to Nathalie talk about how she has transformed the truly home-cooked authentic German meal (seriously, these are the meals she makes at home for the family) into a dining experience you will want to try for yourself.

The German Table Restaurant
158 North Loudoun Street, Winchester VA 22601

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