It’s Misty’s turn to go solo with Taste Winchester History Food Tour this Tasting Tuesday, and she is joined by the lovely and talented Milissa Marshall and they are together at El Palenque Bar & Grill in Winchester, Virginia; a classic Tex-Mex Restaurant with exciting options available to patrons.

Milissa is the owner of Brag Swag, Inc., and she is a talented artist who does designs for pretty much anybody for anything, including designing our logo for Taste Winchester History! She is a vegetarian for the better part of the last 30 years and joins Misty today to discussion vegetarian and vegan options for everyone and perhaps clear up some common misconceptions about each.

We start with the obvious, and that is despite the notion that being vegetarian means you eat nothing but salads and vegans essentially eat dirt, bark, and nuts and grains you might be able to scrounge in a field as you’re near-starving out in the country, there are actually countless ways to prepare vegetarian and vegan meals that are incredibly tasty, wholesome, healthful and delicious as we and many our tour patrons have learned.

Some of the very best places in Winchester to find great vegetarian and vegan options, including the relatively new El Palenque. And if you’re a fan of Mexican dishes, some of the very best options are available most any place, you simply need to ask your servers! And check out the dishes and sides that Misty and Milissa to include a spinach & mushroom quesadilla and chicken enchiladas. Beans and a side salad round out their meals and look as delicious as they claim they are.

Milissa also shares some additional places that serve vegetarian and vegan options including Asian cuisine, Italian cuisine, good ole American cuisine; any quality restaurant is likely to have options available for your enjoyment… and if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan by strict practice, it doesn’t matter! Be adventurous and try something new, we sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Check out the short video by the Winchester Food Tour below!

Do you have a favorite restaurant that serves vegetarian and/or vegan options? Share it with us!

Our guest and host today for Tasting Tuesday:

Milissa Marshall from Brag Swag, Inc. of Winchester
@bragswag on Facebook
(571) 293-1291

El Palenque Bar & Grill
@Elpalenquewinchester on Facebook
242 Millwood Ave, Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 678-4169

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