Weird Food Wednesday – WITCHETTY GRUB

Hey, if you’re into eating insects, grubs, and worms, just like we aren’t, then this week’s edition of Weird Food Wednesday will be right up your alley… or not. We bring you the Witchetty Grub! Apparently a staple in Australia of the native Aboriginals. It is referred to as bush tucker or bush food, dietary options for the native people of Central Australia, of which insects, grubs, worms are just a few.

The Witchetty grub is the larval stage (caterpillar) of a large cossid wood moth, Endoxyla leucomochla, and was called ‘witjuri’ by the Adnyamathanha people of South Australia’s Central Desert.

The larva eats into the woody roots of the Witchetty bush, Acacia kempeana, and feeds on the root sap. Aboriginal women and children dig around the roots of the plant to find the grubs, which are a rich source of protein.

We do see a trend in our WFW selections, and the thought of the texture and squishiness of this, after tuna eyeballs is likely a deal-breaker for us. How about you?  You can always give us feedback on the Taste Winchester History Facebook Page or let us know on the Taste Winchester History Instagram Page!