Tour Photo Thursday! We bring you PIZZA! And not just any old regular pizza, but the specialty pizzas provided by Benny Meleto’s!!!

Benny Meleto’s is one of our partners on the Taste Winchester History Food Tour and they have an ever-changing rotation of fine specialty pizzas as well as those we’ve all come to know and love, such as plain cheese, pepperoni, and more. Lots of food, beverages (including the adult kind), and treats for pretty much anyone.

It just so happens that as of right now, Misty and Anthony agree that their favorite is the Bruschetta Pizza. Who knew what a tremendously positive difference drizzled balsamic vinegar could make on a pizza! Until we kicked off the tour, we did not.

New on the menu (for us at least) was the “Angry Dwarf” and for Anthony who loves roasted red peppers, it was well-received, too. (Don’t ask us about their pizza naming conventions, we don’t know… yet…) And did we mention that their large pizza, their monstrous pizza is a 28″ behemoth that comes with a warning on the sign board to make sure it fits in your trunk?