Tour Photo Thursday! Several times we have spoken about surprise opportunities provided by our tour partners. As what’s being served is almost entirely up to the establishment, we love it when our guests get a surprise, be it something that’s off-menu, a potential forthcoming menu item, someone is experimenting with something new, or pretty much any other reason.

Hideaway Cafe WinchesterOn our most recent tour, The Hideaway Cafe‘s very own Victoria Kidd came out to visit us and during our group’s discussion revealed that she was preparing a wedding cake and other goodies for a forthcoming wedding! Better still, she had some samples of her creation available for our tour guests! Yay for us!

We were delighted to try some samples of what we might imagine will soon be a legendary sponge cake, consisting of three layers of citrus goodness… lemon, lime, and tangerine with a creamy icing that was incredible. A nice light lemon flavor that was not at all overpowering… an explosion of lime flavor that was akin to a Lime Lifesaver… and another layer with a hint of tangerine.

Thank you, Victoria, for the surprise treat!

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