Anthony and Misty are pleased to announce two additional restaurants have partnered up to be a part of the Taste Winchester History Food Tour and be part of the regular rotation!  So maybe this edition should be called “Tour Logo Thursday.”

Sexi Mexi Burrito Bar. Don’t let the name fool you.  Another huge favorite of ours, we discovered the Sexi Mexi Food Truck and regularly stalked it all over town whenever word got out that they were around and we were in town.  It’s not “just a burrito bar.”  Sexi-Mexi food is a freshly prepared, cross-cultural fusion that knows no boundaries – made with a blend of regionally sourced and home-made ingredients.  Burritos, bowls, salads, chips & salsa, tacos, and much, much more… And they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m daily.  (Local delivery, online ordering, too!)

Smiling, friendly staff and ownership, really great food, amazing cocktails (many of them homemade concoctions that should please anybody).  While they were in our corner and supported us in a back-up role, we finally wore them down and have them in the regular rotation starting, well, immediately!  Thank you, Cristina Willis!

The German Table.  Oh, how excited we were when shortly after we kicked off the Taste Winchester History Food Tour we saw The German Table coming to life right across the brick walkway of the mall!   We thought it was divine intervention as we were working on developing the beer tour, so imagine our excitement!  German food and beer, two great tastes that taste great together (and have been around longer than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups).   It’s exciting enough to have them partner with us on the food tour and we look forward to working The German Table in as the food stop during our beer tours kicking off later this month.

The restaurant opened for business in October and has been very well received.  The menu consists of tried-and-true German fair such as various wursts, beef frickadelle, pork schnitzel, sausages and more.  Sides are classic, too, cucumber and potato salads, red cabbage, homemade sauerkraut.  Wow.  The atmosphere is authentic, unpretentious, inviting, and comfortable.  Thank you, Nathalie Miller, for partnering with us on the tours.

We look forward to bringing our Taste Winchester History Food Tour patrons to try Old Town Winchester’s restaurants, tap houses and breweries, and are thrilled to have Sexi Mexi and The German Table on board!  It’s a good time to Book a Taste Winchester History Food Tour!