This week for Tasting Tuesday, Anthony & Misty from the Winchester Food Tour stopped by The Briede Family Vineyards to meet with and interview Paul and Loretta Brieda, the proprietors of this very fine establishment, and certified organic sustainable vineyard.  Such work is significantly more difficult and time-consuming, but the fruits of their labor are supported by the presentation and flavor of their final product.

And with along with the beautiful, sprawling grounds that create a magnificent backdrop to anyone’s visit here, they have a magnificent tasting room, host private events, and so much more, involving wines, sparkling wines, champagnes, cheese and whatever their extremely creative minds can conjure up to make your visits here memorable.  Watch our video and learn more!  We would bet that you’ll booking your visit to the Briede Family Vineyards very soon thereafter.

Do pardon our failure to account for the blinding sunlight in the video.  Power through — we believe you’ll find it was worth it!