Anthony and Misty take the Winchester Food Tour to the Village Square to hit the raw bar for a variety of oysters! A hidden gem among a proverbial diamond mine full of shiny objects, a lot of folks who enjoy an occasional visit to a raw bar were completely unaware of one located right downtown in Winchester at the Old Town Walking Mall, courtesy of the tried and true Village Square Restaurant!

Village Square is located in the heart of Winchester’s Historic District, right along the path of our food tour.  The restaurant opened in 2003, expanded into an adjacent building next-door to create the V2 piano bar and lounge, which we can tell you is a fabulous place to take a load off and enjoy a fine adult beverage and letting the worries of the world wash away for an evening.

The Village Square buildings have a long and rich history dating well over 100 years, with parts once housing an oils & fragrance shop, and automotive repair shop, a diner, and even was home of the longest continuously operating drug store, Miller’s Drug Store (founded in 1764).

And did we mention raw bar?  Watch the video and find out how our oyster tasting went.