Let’s preface this by stating unequivocally that the Winchester Food Tour (Misty and Anthony) understands that this is a limited sample size and to the best our experience, there is almost nothing that beats a homemade batch of chili from our home, your home, and probably every single one of our neighbors!  There, we said it.  Now that that is taken care of…

There may be times when you’re out and about and you are overcome by an unbending desire to have some chili, and you have to have it right now.  So we have taken the time to hit up five local places, some chain restaurants, and also something a little more “down-home” as it were.   We’re certainly not particularly chili connoisseurs, but we are avid tasters and preparers of chili.  We love it.  We love chili with beans, we love chili without beans, and while Anthony & Misty actually have their own unique home recipes, they love lots and lots and lots of chili, frequently participating in some capacity in their annual neighborhood chili contest just to take advantage of the opportunity to sample so many folks’ personal recipes and flavors!  We love a good chili!

Our five entrants for Best Chili Tasting Tuesday, whether you like it or not, are:

  1. Wendy’s
  2. Chili’s
  3. Glory Days
  4. Cafe Del Sol
  5. Cork Street Tavern

Now, as travel-hardened road warriors who have probably driven about a million miles in the last ten years or so, you have standard go-to places and meals that you like to hit up for road-food, stuff that can’t miss.  Chili is one of those items for us, and it’s almost exclusively Wendy’s chili.  So in keeping completely transparent, we have eaten enough Wendy’s Chili over the years to last a lifetime.  Hopefully our familiarity with what Wendy’s has to offer won’t tip the scales in their favor unfairly.  As Anthony had to drive around town to gather up all of the samples, he knew what was what going in, but for Misty, this Best Chili Taste Test or Contest was completely blind.

So did Misty or Anthony gravitate towards the Wendy’s Chili?  Did a local establishment like the Cork Street Tavern top the list?  Find out the results from this week’s Tasting Tuesday in the video from our live broadcast.

Also, we’re keeping the tours open and available year-round (for now), so if you enjoy doing things in the cold weather, we’re here for you, especially as we get deeper into the holiday season.  Book a tour with Taste Winchester History and find out how nicely a tour can fit into a full day of events around Winchester in our blog post:  Tis the Season to be Freezin’!