There’s a reason that The Hideaway Cafe, right down on the Old Town Walking Mall, consistently garners rave reviews and ranks atop the list of best cafe’s in local and regional publications. We believe that a big part of that is that they are always striving “to do more,” for their patrons, for the community, whatever it takes to make our world a little bit better a place to co-exist.

And what better way to do more than with the lure of sweet treats!

So while they currently offer pastry items alongside the signature sandwiches and salads, the menu is expanding to include higher-end dessert items, and we couldn’t be more excited. These fantastic new additions allows patrons the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a delightful tea time or be the ideal spot for after-dinner coffees and cakes. But that’s not all! Hideaway Cafe will also offer a full line of customer “call-ahead goodies” for everyone to include on your at-home menus when entertaining.

And while we won’t re-post some of the “sneak peeks” we were privileged to try on our recent Specialty Dessert Tour, you can see them from our Valentine’s Tour Blog Post, we will share with you the absolute avalanche of dessert items that were painstakingly prepared at their recent fundraising event for The Literacy Volunteers down below!

It’s always something new and fresh and innovative and fun from Victoria Kidd and the amazing staff at The Hideaway Cafe, and if you’re anything like us at Taste Winchester History, you’ll be making regular visits to partake of the great food and better atmosphere!

Also, the warm weather is just around the corner and tours are booking every weekend!  Don’t miss out — book a Winchester Food Tour or Winchester Brewery Tour now!  Hideaway is in the rotation!

The Hideaway Cafe
141 South Loudoun Street
Winchester, VA 22601
Facebook:  TheHideawayCafeVA

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