Look to Taste Winchester History’s Tours to reward employees, vendors, suppliers, and clients!

When it comes to corporate gift-giving, team building, vendor, employee, client retention, and a truly wonderful conference group outing, show off the great foods, drinks, and events that our incredible City of Winchester has to offer!

Team Building:  Finally, a team-building experience your team will absolutely love!  We can customize a food, brewery, or even a combination tour of Winchester that will encourage strong bonds and improve communication, all while enjoying unique beverages and culinary delights from our diverse community!

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Gift-Giving:  Whether you are rewarding an employee for a job well done, taking vendors and/or out to further build relationships, or looking for that perfect gift that is unlike anything you’ve given before, you can count on us to provide an experience we’re certain the entire team will love.  Our food and brewery tours fit the bill!  Choose an individual tour or just a dollar amount so that they can make a choice that meets their schedule.  And if you have any special requests or circumstances, you can give us a call or send us an email and we’ll work hard to make your experience happen!

Even More Benefits:  Try to attract new talent?  Have employees that are new to the area?  Want to depart from the usual holiday party?  It could even be a simple as changing the environment to brainstorm new business ideas… we are here to help facilitate and execute your plans.

Our outstanding Winchester restaurants, breweries, and historic attraction partners are ready to help put together the perfect event that will exceed your expectations!

So please, contact us today and let’s discuss what we can do together to excite your business, employees, vendors, and clients by showing off what Winchester has to offer!


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